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Household Budgeting: Supporting A Payday Loan Payoff

Does your household budget support your monthly finances or are you finding that sometimes there is just “too much month for your money”? Seeking the help of a payday loan for a little extra cash to get through the month is not a bad thing unless your budget doesn’t support paying it back. It can at times be difficult to manage your money, even with the help of a short-term loan. But when you understand how to handle your money and can maintain control of your financial budget, a few simple fixes may be all you need to get back on track and work towards a payday loan payoff.The first thing to know about managing money is that it takes a budget. While the act of making a budget is not all that hard, some people don’t like to sit down and face the realities of how much money comes in and goes out of their finances each month. Once you can get a handle on how much you make and spend on a monthly basis, it will be a lot easier to payday off your payday loan as well as any other bills you have weighing you down. The first step in doing so is gathering the past three months worth of bank, credit card, and loan statements. This will help you determine how much you have spent over the past three months by adding up all of your costs and dividing that amount by three to get an average. Have you discovered that you are spending more than you make? It doesn’t seem possible but that’s what happens when you have to take out short-term loans, borrow from credit cards, or delay car payments because your cash flow is coming up short.Once you have come to terms with how much you actually spend every month, create spending categories for all of your expenses. It’s always wise to have a “miscellaneous” category that allows for those periodic or unexpected expenses; perhaps a fast cash payday advance. Also, create a category for regular car maintenance, visits to the dentist or anything else that you do annually, semi-annually, or even tri-annually.Next, determine the difference between the “wants” and “needs” in your spending. This is a tough one even for the best of budgets. A mortgage or rent, utilities, food and gas are all needs. Those are things you most likely cannot cut from your budget. Cable TV, fancy cell phones, and gourmet coffee every morning are, on the other hand, something that you should be able to live without. You may have to bite the bullet so to speak and cut some of those items from your spending. The money you save by foregoing certain items can help with a payday loan payoff or maybe even prevent the need to borrow in the first place.Also, take a look at your credit card statements to determine what kind of strain using your credit cards has put on your budget. These handy plastic purchasing tools can come with a high price in the form of interest. In the long run you will end up paying a lot more for what you buy if you can’t pay off your balance every month. The sooner you pay off your credit cards, the sooner you will have more money in your budget every month. If anything, pay more than your minimum payment but remember that paying off your payday loan has to be a priority as well. If you can’t pay cash for an item, then you probably can’t afford it!There are times when emergency costs come up. It’s best to put away some money every month in a savings account for these situations. If you have to take out a payday loan, be sure you can pay it back with your next paycheck and that your budget supports this kind of borrowing.

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Could an Employment Law Solicitor Help You?

Most of us are lucky enough to go about our working lives without requiring the services of an employment law solicitor. But it’s worth being aware of what employment law solicitors are actually concerned with, so that if problems were to arise in the workplace you’d know if they could help you and how.Employment law solicitors can help with any legal dispute with your employer, or former employer if you act quickly enough. They can represent you at tribunals with professional bodies, as well as at appeals against their decisions, ensuring that your voice and your side of the story is heard and taken into account.As well as their role in tribunals, employment law solicitors can help you come to Compromise Agreements. These are legal agreements which aim to resolve dispute between an employee and their current or past employer when the employee leaves their job with an employment tribunal claim such as unfair dismissal. These agreements aim to help both parties: the employee is given a cash settlement and reference from the employer, whilst the employee relinquishes their legal right to make any claim. Due to the fact that such agreements involve the potential claimant giving up any legal right to claim, employment law solicitors should always be consulted during this process.One other well known aspect of employment law, and thus of employment law solicitors’ work, is discrimination. Both indirect and direct discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation or religious belief are illegal and in cases where an individual believes themselves to be the victim of discrimination a solicitor should be consulted. There also exist laws to protect a complainant from being victimised following a complaint of discrimination. However, the employee also has the responsibility to raise the issue in writing with their employer and signal their intention to bring their claim to a tribunal within three months. This, coupled with the fact that discrimination tribunals are frequently long and drawn out, requiring the presence of numerous witnesses, demonstrates the importance of consulting an employment law solicitor in such cases.Behind discrimination, inequality in pay for men and women is perhaps the most common employee grievance. Under the Equal Pay Act 1970, any employee who can prove that a member of the opposite sex “who does the same job, does work rated the same under a job evaluation scheme and does work of equal value, for the same employer, but is paid more,” has the right to bring the matter to an employment tribunal. The wording of this Act is in parts subjective and open to interpretation, so it is important to consult a solicitor who will be able to advise on whether you have a case.

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